About Us

About Us
SOS AL Locksmith Services Detroit

SOS AL Locksmith was founded on the basis of improvising household, commercial and automotive security for clients from different spheres. We aim to become the number one locksmith and integrated security system service provider in the industry, to also enable us to keep delivering the quality services our clients deserve.

We started—and are still running—with the aim of offering 24-hour auto locksmith, residential, commercial, emergency, lock replacement, rekey, security systems installation and access control services among others, all served by well-trained and licensed locksmiths.

Professionalism, courtesy and reliability are our top ethics. Whether you are locked out of your house, vehicle or office, or need to upgrade your residential/commercial security system, we are there to help you.

SOS AL Locksmith takes pride in the service and honestly it has been providing for the past 3 decades. We have an excellent record with a range of trade associations, including the BB and consumer affairs. Our goal is to earn the trust and faith of our clients by exceeding their expectations, delivering promptly and rendering professional as well as neighborly services all-round.

We are fully aware that the safety and security of our clients is of utmost importance, which is why every member of our team is mandated to deliver unparalleled services using the best security products in the today market.

Our business’s recruitment process allows for only experienced and endorsed locksmiths to join the team. Whether the task is as little as changing the cylinder of your locks or repairing an architectural masterpiece of security hardware, our maestro locksmiths will give you the service that will offset any factory installation.

Our fundamental mission is to provide solutions to the safety challenges and concerns of our clients. Our dedicated employees are committed to meeting the expectation of our customers to have exponentially safer living and working environments.  Our locksmith technicians are kept up to date with the newest products and technologies in the market. They also undergo continual training to keep to the high standards needed for the business.

About SOS AL Locksmith Detroit

Periodical certification makes sure better technicians like ours are the ones who remain in the field, the ones who will know the best and most cost-effective way to solve your problems. This way, prices are kept somewhere lower than the average competition, but long-lasting solutions remain a given.

That said, our mission is to provide our clients with the most recent and most sophisticated means of protecting technology so they do not have to worry about unnecessary risk to lives and property.

Are you on the lookout for new locks for your doors and door handles that will match the general design of your entrance or living space? Or do you intend to change your door or house numbers to more elegant types that would harmonize with the design of your portal or facade? SOS AL Locksmith, best known for providing one of the best locksmith services, can proudly claim that in our extensive and varied service range, you will surely find what you want for your home.

If you need a programmable deadbolt system or fancy installing a complex access control system—which enhances premise security and keeps tracks of employee attendance—we got you covered. We have the knowledge of advanced tech solutions that can cater to these needs and even more.

It is our belief that everyone should be entitled to the highest level of security. That is why, being a reputable locksmith service provider, we strive to keep our prices at affordable levels. Also, we are offering state-of-the-art designs and setups, never cutting corners when it comes to quality and delivery.

SOS AL Locksmith is thankful for the trust and support its faithful clients have for us. What’s more, through their excited informal suggestions to family and friends, many new and fulfilled clients have joined us on this journey.

We shed the spotlight on client administration and ensure that the service in that regard is unmatched. By showing that we have some of the industry’s best answers, we have tuned into the locksmith and security administration supplier of choice. By acquiring the truth and certainly of our clients who have enjoyed the absolute best from us, we have been able to reach this level.