Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Detroit

If you are running an enterprise or work as an executive in a company, it is important that you consider having a trend-abiding commercial locksmith company that enhances the security of your office premises.

Reputable commercial locksmiths ensure that your office space is protected from both internal and external theft. Ultimately, it improves the overall security of the building and maintains the integrity of the valuables within. However, commercial locksmith services go beyond that.

Prevent Internal Threat

Statistics show that almost $50 billion in profits are stolen from companies every year,  a problem caused by their own employees. If your business is the kind that does a lot of turnover with employees, it is vital to update or change locks and security systems on a routine basis.

Of course, there is such a thing as trusted employees. But protecting yourself from unexpected threats can never go wrong. Even, a trusted employee won’t remain with the company forever, and you don’t want an ex-staff having access to your office without being noticed.

Round-The-Clock Commercial Locksmith Service

With a commercial locksmith service on your speed dial, emergencies are as good as taken care of. This is particularly needed for businesses that operate on off-hours or during the holidays.

Trust us when we say that finding yourself in a lock-related emergency at a time when no one is available to help is like being stuck in some kind of corporate limbo. With a 24-hour commercial locksmith, there’s always someone to call in when the unforeseen happens.

Master Locks For Rented Properties

Be informed that commercial locksmith services are not restricted to office buildings. If you own a property which multiple tenants have access to, that “business” falls within the category. For one, a locksmith will make it easier for you to have access to each and every apartment in the property, just in case.

Having a master key system for your leased property saves you the time needed to organize all the individuals keys and use them separately. Mind you, doing so does not comprise the security of the residents. In fact, it makes them feel more secure, knowing that their lessor is using a commercial locksmith service to keep the facility quite secure.

Commercial Door Servicing & Access Control

Should the doors in your commercial premises malfunction, a professional locksmith can restore their integrity. The service would take care of door installation, door repairs, door frame replacements, boarding services and looking into hinges and closers for any faults. If your emergency exits suddenly have a problem, they are also the ones to call.

When it comes to access control, it entails a business owner or executive having control over who can enter certain rooms in the building—not just the building itself. Some areas within it, as one would notice with banks, may be accessible to only certain staff. A commercial locksmith will design and install access control systems to oversee entries and movements.

Finally, if your business needs a safe for storing cash, keeping important documents or preserving items, the effectiveness of the security system lies on the expertise of a commercial locksmith.