Locks Rekeying

Lock Rekeying Detroit

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying plays a vital role in ensuring that your locks are in perfect working condition. It is simply the process of removing old pins and springs in the locks’ cylinder and replacing it with new ones so that it will work for only the new key. Note that it is not changing the entire system, but more like editing the engine to allow for a new key.

When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Most commonly, locks are rekeyed when one or more keys have either been lost or stolen. Rekeying ensures that anyone who finds the key and possibly matches it to the lock will not have access to your home.

Asides from protecting your house against potential invaders, locks are also rekeyed when renters, housemates, spouses or partners leave the home but still have a key or its duplicate in their possession.

You may want to ask: why not change the locks altogether rather than rekeying them. Well, rekeying comes with its own perks.

No Need for Hardware

If you love your current locks and want to just change keys, rekeying is an option. That’s because, like we said, the workings inside the cylinder changes but the lock itself remains the same. This makes the overall process easier, as you wouldn’t have to research different locks to find the one that best fits your home style.

If your current locks are still in good shape, remain secure and fit with the general aura of your home, keeping them isn’t a bad idea. By rekeying, you will be keeping your hardware, which is good for the environment. By using fewer materials, you would be producing less waste but still get the security update you need.

Save Money

Perhaps you are not in a good financial place to change the entire locks of your home when the need arises. Rekeying is an option that won’t put so many holes in your pocket. To simply put it, replacing the entire lock hardware is more expensive than changing the pins and springs.

In the same way, installing an entire lock system is more intensive in terms of labor. If you are getting an expert to get it done, you are likely to pay more. Plus, there is the extra cost of hardware. However, simply rekeying is a money-saving option that delivers the same security.

Customizing for Master Key

When you purchase a new lock from the hardware store, it comes with a conventional lock. If it is generic, it is less secure. But by rekeying it, you can give it a customized feel that would make you feel a lot safer.

Customizing is also a simple way to set up a master key system for your home. That way, you have one key that works for every single lock in every door. Doing this makes getting into your house much more convenient, as you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys and try to remember which open which door.

Rekeying can be done more frequently but almost effortlessly, as opposed to the repeated stress of changing locks every time.